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One of the Best Black Barbers in Chicago

Best Black Barber in Chicago

Known as “meechididit ” a Master/Celebrity Barber with over 25 years of experience. I started my barber career in 1994 at Cain’s Barber College on the South side of Chicago Illinois. I have always had a dream of becoming an Entrepreneur & professional licensed barber in this industry, and being the best barber in Chicago & has allowed me to travel the world with my skills.

Black Barber Shop Chicago Services & Pricing

Pride in Each Service





Beard Trim



Best Barber Experience
On call adults haircut & beard

 $ 65

On call kids haircut

 $ 50

Kids haircut

 $ 45

Teen haircut

 $ 45

Adult haircut with beard

 $ 55

Adult haircut only

 $ 50

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Service

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Manweave services

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Mobile barber truck services

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Are you looking for the best barber in Chicago? Look no further! I take pride in providing the city’s finest cuts and styles. From classic to modern, I am confident that you will leave our chair with a look that you can call your own. So don’t wait any longer — call us today for an appointment and see why I am the best barber in Chicago!

Call us for an appointment fast for your serial as I provide an appointment-only barber service. 

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When you are in Chigaco and searching for the “best black barber shops near me” we are here, Meechi Da barber owns the best barber shop in Chicago. From classic cuts to creative modern cuts, you can find just the style you desire from a top-notch black barber shop near you in Chicago.

Why Choose Meechi Da Barber Shop in Chicago?

The Best Men’s Barber Shop Near You in Chicago!

Certified and Licensed

Meechi Da is a certified Custom Hair Unit Specialist and scalp micro pigmentation professional in Chicago.


Meechi Da Barber is a Master/Celebrity Barber with over 25 years of experience of barber profession.

24/7 Available

We have 24/7 customer care services. Call for a schedule for an afforadable services near you in Chicago.